Skin Flute App for Android - Play Music on your phone
Skin Flute Musical App for Android
Skin Flute musical Party app for Android
Play The Skin Flute! January 13th, 2012, Worldwide
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New App turns mobile phone into a playable Skin Flute

Skin Flute is a musical instrument application giving users the chance to play and make sweet music on their mobile phones.

Skin Flute App works on Android phones and Tablets Indianapolis, IN, January 13, 2012: The term “Skin Flute” is a pop culture reference most people have heard at one point or another in their lives. Now, with the release of the Skin Flute App, which emulates playing an actual skin flute, mobile users have a chance to test their skills. The Skin Flute app allows the user to choose a skin and blow into the microphone while simultaneously using their fingers to touch, slide and play notes on the screen . The creator of this app stated “We wanted to bring the Skin Flute to the mobile market because we knew it would be a fun gag app for people all over the world. We envisioned a fun party game and we hope people get a good laugh when showing it off. to their friends” The Skin Flute app has been published on the Android Market for $0.99 & is also available for purchase through the MiKandi Adult App Market. The Skin Flute app is the first release for local Indianapolis based company Media Outbreak ( Future updates and releases are already planned for the Skin Flute which will provide further functionality not included in the initial release.
How to Play

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You can purchase the Skin Flute App through the Android Marketplace or by downloading the MiKandi Application for Android.

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Skin Flute is a musical instrument application giving users the chance to play and make sweet music on their mobile phones.


1. Upon entering the application, you will select which skin to play.
2. Once the skin flute appears, you will hold your phone with the mic facing your mouth and place your finger on the selector/foreskin.
3. Slide your finger to the note of your choice while simultaneously blowing into your microphone.
4. That's it! It's easy! Have fun & learn how to play some songs!


  • Use our "auto calibrate" feature to automatically adjust your mic sensitivity. You can access this feature or adjust your mic sensitivity manually by hitting the menu button from within the application. Upon hitting the menu button you will see a "settings" menu item that will allow for mic sensitivity adjustments.
  • Make sure your screen is fairly clean. Since the app relies on touch, the cleaner the screen, the more accurate your playing will be.
  • The Skin Flute uses standard musical notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, & B).